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The Adventurer's Log is a members -only feature of the RuneScape website. It contains many functions that a player might find useful, including recent activity, quests recently completed, skills recently trained, and even notable drops recently obtained.

Runemetrics/adventurer's log

Any member player's log can be accessed by typing in the player's name if their privacy setting is 'Public'; if set to 'Friends Only', then the friend must log in. If set to 'Private', the player must be logged in to access their own log. When logged in, RuneMetrics will display time played to the nearest hour. Time played is the total time accumulated in-game since creation.

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Time spent in the lobby is not included. If you speak to Hanshe will give you a more accurate time to the minute. Not all monsters killed by a player are shown in their adventurer's log.

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The amount changes to "a great of" after consecutive kills without logging out. Some of the monsters shown are listed below.

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Item drops from high-level monsters such as God Wars dungeon bosses, Corporeal Beast, or from Slayer monsters such as abyssal demons and dark beasts also get displayed within the Adventurer's Log. Individual players may change who can see their log by logging into their on the main Runescape.

The available options are:. Jump to:search. Reason: needs more You can discuss this issue on the talk or edit this to improve it.

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This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out! An Adventurer's Log update will now be triggered when capping at a Clan Citadel.

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The Adventurer's log entry for completing the Kindred Spirits quest has been fixed. Whip vine drops have now been added to the Adventurer's Log. Egg-streme Management should no longer appear on the Adventurer's Log for those who've not started it. Corrected the Dungeoneering item purchase prices in the Adventurer's Log. Category : Incomplete articles.

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Hidden : s using DynamicList parser function s with unsourced statements s with update history. Namespaces Article Discussion.

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