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Alien vs.predator walkthrough, I'm picking female alien vs.predator walkthrough loves theater

Predator is the most complicated character and that's why he has his own tutorial. The action of the training mission is located on the special training arena.

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Stuck on a crap-hole planet with no where to go and everything wanting to kill you? You're not on Pandora, but the more vicious BGand there's no Na'vi around to bail you. Come to IGN for some handy intel for your tour of duty. This wiki was automatically converted from the Aliens vs. Please help improve this wiki if you can, and remove this notice if appropriate.

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There are two difficulty specific achievements, one for completing the campaign on Hard, and one for completing the campaign on Nightmare. These achievements are stackable. There are also a of trophy belts hidden across each level for a collectible achievement.

Aliens vs predator game guide & walkthrough

Note that completing this campaign on any difficulty will count towards the Game Over, Man! Game Over, Man! Complete all three Campaigns. Fortune and Glory Find all 45 Predator trophy belts. You will begin the level in a training grounds presumably somewhere on the predator homeworld. There will be no collectibles in this mission.

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This is essentially a tutorial for the predator. When you begin, you will be told to look at three elite predators. Do so, and this will spawn the first alien. Kill it with light attacks by pressing. Once it is dead, you will then be able to move around and will gain access to heavy attacks by pressing.

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Kill the second alien that spawns with a combination of light and heavy attacks. You will then gain access to blocking by pressing and together. A bunch more aliens will spawn sequentially with a new mechanic being explained after each kill.

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Once they are all dead, a bunch more tutorial information will be displayed. You will then be told to pick up some more health shards, as well as the plasma caster highlighted on the screen. You will then be given a tutorial on how to use the plasma caster. You will then have to kill a bunch more aliens.

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Once these have been killed, you will be instructed to jump out of the arena. Do so by pressing and holdingand locating a suitable jump spot. Jump there by pressing whilst holding. This is the end of the first mission for the predator campaign. Fallen Comrade Find the Youngbloods in the Jungle. This is the first 'real' level.

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The mission begins with a distress al being sent from the planet Weyland-Yutani are screwing around on. Some Young Bloods there for their trial got caught up in the infestation, and some pesky human marines have turned up. Honour demands you teach them respect! Your ship turns up and promptly blows the USS Marlow out of the sky. You will begin the level on a tree and will be instructed to focus jump to a specific marker. From here, you will be told about zoomcloakingand vision mode. If you activate your heat vision, you will see some marines up ahead. Stealth is your best bet when dealing with humans and combat androids.

Whereas with aliens, you can't hide from them, but they only have melee. If marines or androids see you, their weaponry is annoyingly effective against you. The one downside to alien vs.predator walkthrough predator campaign is that it is harder to describe due to your increased options in terms of movement. Anyway, from the tree you have jumped to, face right, and focus jump to the ledge on the right. When the marines have passed you by, drop down, and focus jump onto the ledge on the cliff wall opposite.

You will find the first trophy belt here.

Avp2 predator walkthrough

You now have to kill the two humans, for honour, righteous justice, and all that good stuff that predators love. The two alien vs.predator walkthrough who went by should not be hard to kill. When they are investigating the dead colonists, simply target one with your plasma caster and let off the shot. If done correctly, you should instantly kill one, and the other will be knocked to the floor. Simply run up to the downed marine, and press and hold to finish him off. From the dead colonists, head back to the door, towards the direction the marines were walking, and you should find the second trophy belt on the ground.

If you continue on, you will come across a sentry and some more marines. The sentry turrets WILL see you even if you are cloaked as they are motion tracker based. Once you get close enough, a small cutscene will play. Afterwards, you will be informed about your ability to trick humans via sounds.

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Simply trick one marine to an area, kill him, and then you can kill the other one without interruption. Jump down behind the sentry turret, and destroy the control laptop by pressing and holding. Once that has been done, turn around, and walk up to the power node to the left of the big metal door. Drain it by pressing and holdingand the door should open. Continue forward, and you will find a fallen Youngblood.

Go up to him, and press and hold to trigger a cutscene. This will spawn two aliens. Kill them. From the body of the fallen predator, face left, and you should see the third trophy belt on top of a ledge. Jump up to the ledge below using focus jump, and then you should be able to focus jump to the higher ledge from there. Go back down to the ground, and continue forward until you see a skinned body hanging from a tree above you.

Focus jump on top of the tree and walk along the boughs. Six aliens will spawn here. At the bottom of the tree, on the right, on top of a raised section of rock should be the fourth trophy belt. Jump down onto the ground, and start killing the aliens. This can be tricky on Nightmare as the aliens can gank alien vs.predator walkthrough and ruin your day.

4. aliens vs. predator predator campaign walkthrough

Once they are all dead, continue forward until you reach a large door. Jump on top, and you will find a compound full of marines who will begin fighting aliens that decide to crash the party. Now, there will be two trophy belts on top of buildings in this area. One will be on a downed transport on the far right side of the compound. The other will be on top of a tall alien vs.predator walkthrough to the left of the main building and will be on the far left side of the compound. If you are low on energy, then there is a power node to the right of where you enter the compound. A second is just underneath the building with the sixth trophy belt on top of it.

The marines there should be easy to take out, although killing them will draw the attention of the guys in the main building, and more marines will be sent to investigate. Quickly recharge, and then kill the other guy. Anyway, you will need to head to the right of the main building whilst avoiding sentry turrets. There will be a power cable of some kind that you can destroy by pressingwhich will open the door to the main building. Do not go into the main building, however, as there will be two marines just past the door.

Get some high ground, and let them investigate the source of the door magically opening. I'd advise against killing the other marines, however, as they will be nice distractions later on. Once inside, you should find the seventh trophy belt on one of the tables, as well as a drainable power node. Go up the stairs and into the control room.

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You will need to kill the guy marked as you need his 'eyes' so to speak. He will be accompanied by a marine, however. I personally trick the marine into a corner, kill him, and then nab the dude as he is unarmed with a pistol. The command laptop for the sentry guns will be in the corner next to the computers by the window.

You will need to destroy one of the computers to the far right. Do so by going up to it and pressing and holding.