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Hello everyone and welcome to our Daughter for Dessert guide!

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A man and his step- daughter run a small diner together. He discovers that one of his employees has been writing a popular series of taboo erotica about them, which catalyses a long journey of sexual self-discovery.

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Daughter for Dessert is an episodic adult visual novel developed by the Love t studio. The main character MC for short is the owner of a diner. He has raised his now-adult daughter, Amanda, from infancy following her the death of her mother, Lainie, in childbirth. MC does the cooking and the office work, while Amanda and her best friend, Kathy, wait the tables, and the two of them consider their diner as a second home.

However, the diner is failing.

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MC is considering selling his business into liquidation, but he ultimately needs to trust Amanda to help him run things in order to get the diner on track. While Amanda is embarrassed and ashamed when MC finds out the truth, MC is nothing but supportive, and agrees to help Amanda explore her sexuality in order to resolve her feelings. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. However, when no customers show up for a couple of hours, the staff double-check the flyers, and find that they actually mention an opening time of AM.

And sure enough, customers start flooding through the door at 9. Abuse Mistake : Implied with Mortelli. Accidental Pervert : MC walks into the bathroom and sees Amanda coming out of the shower. Accidental Pornomancer : MC has sex with Amanda, his own daughter. Accuser of the Brethren : Cecilia. Amanda has a scene where MC sees her masturbating in her bedroom. His fear of his business failing early in the story.

Fear of his secrets getting out regarding Lainie and Amanda. Fear of the other inmates while in prison.

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A Friend in Need : Amanda confides in Kathy that she is attracted to her own father. If the inspiration for the stories were to be discovered, it would be traced back to Kathy, not Amanda. Mortelli also has his moment at the end. Age-Gap Romance : Besides being in a relationship with his year-old daughter, MC also has the options of dating Kathy and Lily, who are of similar daughter for dessert lock puzzle.

Alliterative Name : Just about the only character with a last name: Moe Mortelli. Always Gets His Man : Mortelli. Ambiguously Jewish : Saul has a Hebrew-derived name common among Jewish men, and his profession law is thought of as stereotypically Jewish, yet his own beliefs and heritage are never mentioned. Amoral Attorney : Zigzagged with Saul. And he actually points his gun at MC when confronting him about breaking into his office. According to MC, Cecilia probably bribed them into giving him this treatment. She was about to undergo some occult ritual now that she could no longer be used for her money.

This backfires, as Cecilia offers answers about Lainie to Amanda, and uses her information to drive a wedge between MC and Amanda. She finds out anyway when she catches Kathy looking for another job. After MC and Amanda have sex for the first time, Kathy asks what happened. The best option is to lie, and say that MC and Amanda just talked. When MC asks which company she interviewed with, she stumbles over making up a ridiculous-sounding name. Bail Equals Freedom : Averted.

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Saul bails MC out of jail, but he still has to stand trial for breaking and entering. Bare Your Midriff : Olivia wears a skimpy cowgirl outfit whenever she appears.

Daughter for dessert – chapter + bonus scene + cg images

Bar Slide : In the drink-mixing mini-game on the Heidi path. MC must mix each drink correctly, and then slide it down to the customer. She reveals that a time when MC saved her from drowning was when she started getting romantic feelings for him.

It is also a pivotal scene when the player can choose to stay with Amanda, or to be with one of the other women instead.

Daughter for dessert walkthrough & guide

Benevolent Boss : MC. He drinks and frolics with his employees, understands if they need time off, and gives second chances to employees who put out shoddy work. Big Secret : Averted. Amanda has. Birds of a Feather : MC and Heidi both responsible owners of small restaurant-like businesses. Bitch Alert : Cecilia in her first appearance, before even revealing her identity. B-Movie : In-universe.

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Boisterous Bruiser : Mortelli. On the return trip, MC and Amanda drive home in silence, embarrassed about an awkward encounter they had in their destination town. Born Detective : Averted with Mortelli. Bullying a Dragon : MC poisoning Mortelli and breaking into his office. Burner Phones : Discussed. Mortelli had one of these in order to cheat on his wife.

Daughter for dessert – chapter + bonus scene + cg images

With his nameless mention in Double Homework, it is clear that Mortelli does this as well. In almost every sex scene, the player has a choice of where the semen goes Can't You Read the ? Captain Oblivious : Lainie. Having grown up in a wealthy family where her every move had been scripted, she knew nothing about either the hardships people face in the world or about ulterior motives people might have.

Cheat Code : A of them are available for the player who is unsatisfied with his gameplay choices. Checkpoint : The game is divided into 19 chapters, each one being dependent on the choices of all ones. Chapters can be replayed if a player wants to make different choices.

This game provides examples of:

Chekhov's Gift : Mortelli giving his gun to MC. She becomes one of the main girls in the story. She then crashes an awkward moment between the two in Whiskeyville, and then shows up at the diner looking for work MC having given her his card. Saul also counts. MC runs into him for the first time walking into a bar. Later, Saul offers to buy out his failing diner. Only when she returns does the player find out who she is. Chick Lit : Used in-universe. They were actually written by Amanda.

Additionally, Heidi is a fan of the stories.

Daughter for dessert ch3

Chick Magnet : MC, obviously. However, the player actually has the choice to pick another name for Amanda. Amanda herself counts as well, as the daughter of a hot dog vendor and daughter of an old money family who disapproved of her having anything to do with someone outside her own class. She even consults Veronica about potentially firing her.

Choice-and-Consequence System : This basically determines which girl MC is with at the end, as well as the quality of the ending with that girl. Chuck Cunningham Syndrome : Veronica is a dating option for MC early in the the game, and soon afterward, she is hired at the diner as the office manager.

Cigarette of Anxiety : MC is shown to be a smoker at the beginning of the story. He relates his smoking to his situation as the diner is about to go out of business. Notably, after the diner becomes successful, he is never seen smoking again.

Possibly true with Kathy as well. Averted if MC dates Veronica early in the game; her romance with MC just fades into the background without comment. Cliffhanger : A common occurrence, especially toward the end of the story, is to have a chapter with this kind of ending. Clingy Jealous Girl : Averted with Amanda early in the game. This change is justified, as by this point, MC and Amanda are more or less official as a couple.

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Closer to Earth : Subverted with Lily. Closet Key : Heidi for Kathy.

This game provides examples of:

She flat-out tells MC that Kathy is bisexual, and actually asks Kathy about it. The two of them end up having fun together, with MC having the opportunity to in. She is driven, punctual, and diligent, and she is perfectly capable of running a business by herself.