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Redlight center reviews, I would like hunt for men that like tradition redlight center reviews

The online community site offers users virtual nightclubs, hotels, bars, movie theaters and stores. There is a virtual currency called Rays, which members can earn and use for services in the community, Zaby apartments, Gifts for other members, and various other purposes. Rays can also be sold on an open Marketplace for real currency.

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Remember when you used to play IMVU and have sex with the other players and indulge in your sexual fantasies? Or when you jailbroke your Sims game and made them have sex with each other?

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I was pumped. An online fornicatorium where a wink of the mouse gets you a ticket to ride on the bonercoaster. But would real people react the way I expected? I booted up the Utherverse client and made a brief stopover in the orientation lounge. I spun a few moves on the dance floor before scooting off to the sidelines to tweak my bod.

What is red light center?

You could argue that the whole point of an place like Red Light Center is to create your fantasy persona but I wanted this to be a bit of a challenge. In a world where everyone is buff and has a six pack you have to stand out somehow. The plane! This virtual orgyland must have someone who was into leprechaun sex.

Hell — there was probably a whole island of horny little munchkins at the end of the virtual rainbow.

Our review

This was going to be a breeze. There are four types of characters to encounter in the virtual world:. I should probably make this the target of my quest. They probably have a whole dungeon for little guys like me. I approached a buxom leather goddess with delicious exposed cleavage and a colorful tattoo. I inquired politely. She suddenly vanished into thin air or possibly a dimensional vortex. Steeerrrrike two! There were a few people milling around carefully ignoring me. I was still smarting from my recent rejection. What the fuck. I clicked on a screen and was instantly transported to a web where a beautiful girl was tapping away on a keyboard with hot latino music in the background.

She was very sweet but too real for this particular venture. Back to the virtual world. Perhaps I could find a dimension where leprechaun sex was no longer taboo? I was getting nowhere fast in here. I had to see if there was some kind of virtual Pee-Wee Herman in there. I made my way down redlight center reviews long twisty hallway to a dark gallery of nekkid girls. Clicking on one of them I was treated to a little pop up porn video.

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Not bad but I can find this anywhere on the net. Onward ho. In the real world I might be considered a stalker but here all avatars were created equal. I hoped she was into leprechauns. Inside the bordello was a big empty room with hanging go-go cages and a raised dance floor.

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Valerieann was dancing seductively alone in the middle of the room. The ubiquitous dance floors in Redlight Center truly are a well deed feature. You just hop on and pick from a menu of dance moves ranging from the cool to the ridiculous. I ed valerieann on the stage and proceeded to boogie down with some line dancing.

Woo Hoo! I was going to get get lucky at last. I fumbled around trying to figure out how disrobe but my controls were jammed. This was worse than a bad prom date. I eventually discovered that I could click on my avatar icon to strip down but it was too late. Valerieann had moved on to more experienced pastures while I was fumbling with my lederhosen. Interesting place. There was a ton of user created artwork hanging on the walls.

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Some of it was pretty good. Clicking on a painting took me to the home of a cute Japanese girl who had videos of herself shredding guitar solos. After some aimless wandering I found the Passion Pit at last!

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I checked out her profile and she was indeed a cute BBW in real life. Hot dawg! There was a cocoa colored lass standing vacuously by another bed. This was it!

Technical specifications

I was finally going to get to fire my sausage-torpedo! We hopped eagerly on the bed and muff dived into a tangle of positions. The interface for sex in Redlight Center is a lot like the interface for dancing. Many of the positions open up secondary.

Red light center

The animation is good and the feeling of control really made it fun. You can even cuddle. This is one well thought out sex game. She had been pretty quiet and obedient during the whole encounter.

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Did I just have sex with a robot? Holy Blade Runner. Does that count?


Hey — rocks off are rocks off in my book. You have the freedom of not being judged for your particular perversion and are actually likely to find someone to indulge it with you. You can play in the metaverse for free to get a taste for it and experience the social scene first hand. If you are into trying a new experience RLC is definitely worth a look.

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You can decide down the road if you want to become a VIP or not. If cyber sex with real people is what you are looking for then this is definitely the best bet around. While I only managed to have sex with a robot I did meet some fun people and I have a new perspective on the whole metaverse scene.

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Everyone is equal on RLC. Red Light Center Review. Get laid as quickly as possible. Foreplay I booted up the Utherverse client and made a brief stopover in the orientation lounge. I is DA-Mann! Bring on the cyberbabes!.

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There are four types of characters to encounter in the virtual world: blue — Staff. These are the ones I needed to find.

First impression

As a last resort I could pay for some nookie. Feeling It Up No online vixen can resist a little stud in lederhosen. All this and phone sex too! What ever happened to good old 35mm porno theaters? Warming up for the horizontal boogie. Looky at the pretty pictures! Penetration After some aimless wandering I found the Passion Pit at last!

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Many of the positions open up secondary OMG! I can feel your tonsils! So there you have it. How I spent my summer vacation. These are real people and they respect other real people acting like real people.

Features of the game

At least the ones I met. Rejection hurts here just like in real life. You need to approach with caution and build up at least a one night stand level of relationship. Tell them they have a nice dog collar or something. Spend some time pimping up your profile .