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If you want a serious relationship, sex on the first date is crucial, according to new research.

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When you're barely past the first date with someone new, everything from where they grew up to their favorite sex position is a fascinating mystery to unravel about the other person.

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To screw or not to screw, that my friends is the question. Should a woman be willing to have sex on the first date? I have heard many varying opinions on this issue. I have also seen many different outcomes. So for the record whichever route a woman takes can end up with differentbut I maintain one position on this topic of having sex on the first date.

Of course you can choose to do as you wish, but allow me to explain my view. If you are truly looking for a relationship you are now stacking the odds against you.

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Whether this is fair or not, most men will not respect a woman who gives it up so easily. You could sleep with them and if they like you and the sex enough they will still make you their woman. So there are plenty of examples of couples who had sex on the first date and managed to have successful relationships and even marriage. Yes it can happen, but if we were able to get actual statistics on it, I firmly believe it will show how unlikely it is.

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That you should go with the flow and if you two connect then go for it. You have to remember that you are trying to establish a genuine relationship. Plenty of people latch on to the wrong person simply because of the sex.

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You want for that man to get to know who you are not what power you pack between your legs. We can find plenty of men who have eliminated a woman from serious potential because she gave it up too quick. If you know you want more, than it is just in your best interest to hold off on the sex and certainly not engage in sex on the first date.

Now date two! Do the damn thing! Completely agree with you Stephan. Sex on the first date is a NO NO if you are looking for a serious relationship with someone.


If you plan on dating a person then that person should be willing to wait on you and do things have sex when both parties are ready. Great advice that needs reiterating in a society that expects instant gradification. Well stated! Not to play a game or trick a man into marrying her but rather due to her own religious and personal convictions. I also had a guy tell me one sexual partner is one too many for a woman.

It seems like most men these days are not willing to wait and see no value in sex within marriage — they want to take you out for a test spin before they the finance papers. Because at the end of the day it is the deeper connection you want and need for a great and successful relationship. You keep working on being the best woman you can truly be and the best man for you will be drawn to you.

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It all starts from within and addressing all of the issues we may have that we have ignored for far too long. Epecially finding these guys on online dating sites. Is there any hope for me? There is plenty of hope for you just stand strong on your position.

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You will get the point across by simply not crossing that line. Just make sure you are constantly improving the woman you are and letting your value shine through. Men like that just waste your time and energy. Double standard I say.

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Completely disagree. And completely sexist. Assumes that a man will want to have sex on the first date no matter what and it is all up to her. Is this the s?

The best sex games for couples to give date night an erotic twist

Enough with the gender stereotypes. I have seen some wonderful relationships blossom out of one night stands. As many times as I have seen both men AND women put undue pressure on themselves to have first date sex, lest the other one think there is no spark.

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That could be that the woman had the mindset that she would do it or it could mean the man is trying to make it happen. I understand this but if the woman is looking for a serious relationship then she has to b mindful what she may be up against. Lets be honest here, there are many men who will give clear consent and even say that this will have no impact on their willingness to take her seriously. Yet have no intention of taking her seriously if she does it. Communication is great and always needed but again this is just the first date.

People are not as honest as we would like for them to be. She can still choose to do it if she wishes. They were fortunate to connect at a level that did not allow the sex to interfere. Most people are not that fortunate. In my opinion a lack of spark stems from other issues and not from an unwillingness to have sex on the first date.

Two people can connect and have plenty of sparks without crossing that line. So this article is simply saying that the woman is more likely to be hurt by this decision than she is to be helped or not hurt by it.

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Again a woman can do whatever she pleases but she should be aware of what she is up against and what may be a more effective approach. I think it feels sexist to me because there is an overwhelming point of view in the article that the decision in a hetero date is hers alone, and that her decision on it affects so much about the entire encounter, while there is no mention whatsoever that men need to make this decision mindfully too.

Pretty sex negative words too. If this is how you see men in general and if this is how your readership sees men in general, then your that is totally sexist, and more importantly it is a much much bigger roadblock to finding long term fulfilling relationships with men than the question of sex on the first date.

Whether you first have sex with someone on date 1, date 5, or your wedding night pales in comparison to that. Bob most of my articles usually address one gender at a time but that does not mean I dismiss the role the other gender plays in the situation. So I apologize if you feel that I am saying that the decision is hers alone but if I am talking to a woman about the issue I will focus on what she can control which is her decision to engage in having sex on the first date.

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I am in no way saying all men are like this and I think I made a decent effort to make that clear. I would think that we can all agree that many men have lied for sex. Not every man but many have and stating that is not being negative, it is being honest. I am not discussing how I view men I am discussing what many men do. What realities a woman should be aware of when dealing with the decision of having sex on the first date. To say I am being sexist is in my opinion a misguided statement. If you ever get a chance to read other articles I have written then maybe you will understand that how you currently perceive me is inaccurate.

At the end of the day you are entitled to your opinion and I welcome and appreciate your willingness to share your position with me and those that read this article.

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Thanks again Stephan. In the end I am sure we will agree to disagree. I did read other posts and I especially liked the immediately one about the slut shaming double standard. My most important point about these generalizations is that when they are offered in the form of advice, they legitimize and perpetuate the generalization, and most of the six comments that came before mine seem to bear that out.

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So I feel a responsibility to provide to other point of view and to do it forcefully. They were harsh words and though you are right, they were not the only words, they were most definitely the strongest ones in your article, while the mitigating ones were presented as exceptions and in some ways as unimportant.

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Perhaps they are just afraid to buck that trend for fear of being labeled unmanly. What kind of a man would not want a piece of ass on the first date if he could get it? Probably more men than you and your readers and I know. And their voice is important for women to hear.

Unless we speak out, the myth has greater power than it deserves. And your column, because it seeks to influence how women act and how they should perceive men strengthens it all the more. It is my responsibility to dissent and to call on others who feel the same way to speak up. Stephan, I think you are dead on in this article.

We may get stupid and justify our wish in ugly ways but….