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Sim brothel walkthrough, Swiss chica seek men for sim brothel walkthrough

Development Board for Sim Brothel 2: Revival.

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There are only two ways to play the game: enjoy it, but not be very good at it, or do it very methodically and make a boatload of money! First of all, play this game in fullscreen mode. Note: after you save the game, you can at any time, even after you turn your computer off.

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Development Board for Sim Brothel 2: Revival. Moderators: LightLillibilliedwards21Tinne26slicernessselthorzunounalteredbeastmalcolmxsicksgtkleyouwintheprize.

Mountain questline walkthrough

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Or Learn more Continue. Sim Brothel 2: Revival. Mountain Questline Walkthrough. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 6 posts. Since alot of people seem to struggle understanding the questline, though the dialogue is quite easy to follow here's a walkthrough: In order to start the questline go into the mines and talk to the foreman.

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Do as he asks and report back to him. Leave the mine and get back into it. The foreman will call you and ask you to investigate a path in the north of the mine that has opened. Continue through the dungeon and beat the fire elemental boss.

Upon leaving the mine you should encounter a cutscene with a fire mage doing fire mage things. Get into your brothel to be escorted to Alexander. Now speak to the person in the house where the explosion occurred.

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He will tell you to talk to the blacksmith Roland the real one not the wannabe blacksmith. Report back to the jeweler and the blonde. Then ask her about the ice cultists.

Milky touch – version beta hotfix1 + save by studio kuma win/mac/android

Do as she says and enter the house in the south-western corner. Interact with the rocking horse to make a door appear. Go through it and have a little conversation with the ice mages. Meet the guy in the house next to your brothel and afterwards the drunkard in the Inn to have another cutscene.

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Touch the orb to find yet another door. Open it and talk to the fire guys. Find the five sparkling clues and tell Alexander what you have found out. Try to talk to her twice and then follow her to Roland. After the cutscene follow her to the foggy area. Take the left path first and after the next cutscene go back and take the other one.

Visit the foggy Inn and then make your way to the northern woods. Here try to go west whenever you can and north otherwise. The final battle will take place in the basement of whichever cult you blamed. Lord Darkwing. Somebody put somewhere no clue where because I closed the tab that doing the mountain quest would unlock Roland's special inventory for characters other than the warrior and nobody told them it didn't.

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Can confirm that it did not do this for the one I started today as Aelia so there's that. Just thought this might be a good place to put this in case people are looking for info on that rather than create a new topic unneccesarily. If you do not complete this, you will not open up Harpy's Nest. If you get Ellie before you do the investigation the quest is different. Ellie makes you do the quest almost entirely different.

I want to avoid spoilers, so I'll just say how the girls turn out.

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Fran and Lilja as mercenaries, Natasha, Mizore, and Karin as free agents. Arguably this is the "best" ending, and it made me laugh quite a bit. Just something I found today.

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Went the route of blame the viera. Cleared out the Village and when I came back to the Mountain village to end the cultists I ran into a big difficulty spike that is now making me avoid the mountain area all together. Better start grinding Just curious if the other paths are this difficult or did I choose the hardest one.

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After defeating the Naga to get to that village filled with lesbians; I geared up and went back to the Mountain village. It wasn't easy, but not impossible anymore and I managed to finally make them my slaves.

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