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Stroke of Genius – Emit lives for a farm that is small of Milwaukee

Stroke of Genius – Emit lives for a farm that is small of Milwaukee

Making the town, and coming back again to their origins. By abej.

The Million Dollar Question – There is the old, old question of “what would you are doing for a million bucks? ”, it is my take and twist on that concern. By Shady Lady Julie.

Wheels – A carer gets it in by having a man that is disabled their friend dog. By Shady Lady Julie.

Witness Protection – A sequel to Animal save centering on which occurs to Roberta (Nikki Zoo) after she turns along the offer to operate in Mexico with Debbie. By Sheela B.

The Hungry Pet – A woman gets a treat that is unexpected her German shepherd. By John Reskind.

Strays Bitch – Julia decides to get rid of her virginity to stray dogs. By Shady Lady.

Le Club Taboo – After seducing her neighbor that is new into a 3rd person in this club is set up. By phyllisroger.

Your dog Fucker – Ava—an orphan—sets down in search of her moms and dads. She hence embarks for a mystical and journey that is fantastical leads her to Planet K-9, a world populated completely by dogs. Rescued from death by one of these simple dogs that are talking Ava believes her fortune is changing. That is until she discovers she’s actually a prisoner. A failed escape effort contributes to probably the most punishment that is perverse of. Intimate punishment. By Lexi Lust.

Any such thing Goes Wife – Wife is filmed placing objects that are large her cunt. Then her gf assists and each others are eaten by them pussy. Chances are they both fuck dogs, a time that is nice had by all. By stargazer.

The Bitch within the Barn – Patricia from “Deacon’s tale” continues to be in on with pets. By Ridden.

Howl when it comes to puppy Pack – a woman that is submissive her spot. By minxyfox

Our Secret Life – Jess is a female by having a taboo passion, and she discovers she’s not alone as she works at her family boarding kennels. It appears we have all a key life. By Moe lester.

Alternate Pleasure – Stuck in a loveless wedding with a mature guy, a female seeks alternate pleasure. By George M. Smith

Eau De Soir – A man incurs a lady having a dog that is big things turn kinky. By promoco.

Slutty Thing – a female gets your pet dog as a result of burglaries that are recent. By phyllisroger.

Robbed and Raped – After getting burgled, a few opt to get yourself a watchdog. By LuckyNuts

Bigboy: A tale of my hunting dog – A man accumulates a lady and takes her house to discover he likes their dog a lot more than him. By deerhunter.

Kinky Summer – Bestiality, incest, lactation and more… By DrtyStryWriter.

The Southside Stalker – When the Southside Stalker hits, this target will get her revenge. By Moe Lester.

Typical Day – a hitched couple ramp up their already kinky sex-life. (Warning: has homosexual zoo content) By Stormy8330.

The Economists Daughter – A fictionalized account of the historic Uk scandal. By raidboy.

Kate becoming bitch – therefore let me introduce myself I am Amy this might be a true tale which occurred about six months ago and it is nevertheless taking place today. By kp19621966.

Chain Run – A expecting girl stocks her wild sex-life along with her spouse. By WYLTK.

Canine Show – A black girl bemoans her sexual frustrations to her neighbor 1 day and gets introduced to an intercourse device, Lex your dog. By Moe Lester.

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