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A few days ago I had the chance to catch up with my most influential mentor in journalism, one of the most well-known and well-loved TV news anchors in the state of Arizona for over 30 years: Lin Sue Cooney. I was a sophomore in college.

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Few in the business know Barnes like Valley. Arizona, and seeded No.

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Then, she built them a garden. It is also representative of two words used over and over again to describe Farrell, who died Feb. It just felt like everything would be OK. Born in Pottstown, Penn.

She moved to the Upper Valley in the s. She came to Thetford around and after her marriage to Rich Starr she moved to the home he had built in the s. Nancy Foote met Farrell in Hartland at a quilting guild meeting and the two quickly became friends.

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Together, they started working for New Hampshire doing well-child checks around the state. Then, they shared two nursing positions at two private practices in the Upper Valley. The two shared patients, often working together on cases that were puzzling.

As a nurse, Farrell was practical and knowledgeable, able to remain centered when work got challenging. She recognized that while her patients were young, her interactions with their parents were equally important. She had a real sense of professional responsibility and she was very acute in her professional development.

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Siobhan Lopez, dean of students at Thetford Academy, credits Farrell with helping her get acclimated to the school when she first arrived five years ago. Farrell, who is survived by her daughter, Ella, her husband, Rich Starr, her parents and a brother and sister, was open and nonjudgmental, calm and nurturing. She went into classrooms to teach sex education, among other topics, and provided first aid, CPR and AED training to staff.

Faculty often went to Farrell when they needed support and nurturing, Lopez said.

She knew who needed new shoes, or a winter coat, and helped find ways to get them. Farrell was also a gifted quilter who worked on elaborate, artistic quilts. One of the quilts she made for Ella featured a beloved cat. She made quilts to hang on walls and was always eager to learn about the latest techniques and styles, said her friend Judy Russell. Farrell was drawn to bright colors, bold patterns and different textures.

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Russell met Farrell in the s at the Post Mills Soaring Club, which both of their husbands ed. Once, they spontaneously participated in a 5K.

Their families became close, often spending holidays together if they were not traveling. Recently, Russell came across a piece of paper with notes she had taken after Farrell called to tell her that she and Starr learned they had been matched with in China.

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Farrell taught her daughter how to fish at Treasure Island, which was a special place for both of them. She was involved in the community, including as a member of a committee that studied Treasure Island and how to preserve it. Farrell was always welcoming to the friends Ella brought home. Some friends would stay for weeks over the summer.

She was a caretaker in every aspect. Another testament to Farrell were the gardens she cultivated. While she liked growing vegetables best, she was also fond of flowers and trying to grow something new. When Farrell died, the whole Thetford community mourned her, Hayashigawa said.

Friends are finishing quilts Farrell was working on at the time she got sick. This spring, they gathered to wake up the garden she so lovingly put to bed last fall.

A life: sue farrell — ; ‘she was a caretaker in every aspect’

Farrell had survived cancer twice before her death. But they are also taking comfort in the love she shared, the compassion she showed and the life she so excitedly lived. Farrell-Starr's last name was rendered incorrectly in an earlier version of this story.