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Toffi sama, I am looking toffi sama femme who loves strangets

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The downside of just making lots and lots of animations is that there is nothing interesting to talk about here, lol. Dear Diary, last week I also did a few hundred sprites of girls lying on top of each other. The End. Jokes aside, progress is coming along nicely. But having said that, I was maybe a bit optimistic in my estimate to give all girls their ground attacks this month.

Age 35
Ethnic: Bulgarian
My sexual preference: I like guy
Eye tone: Dark green
I speak: Spanish
Figure features: My figure type is quite thin
Favourite music: I like to listen easy listening
My piercing: I don't have piercings

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Feb 21, 59 Overview: Kara, the leader of the amazon tribe, attempted to take 5 crystals to restore peace throughout the world. However, she was unsuccessful, leaving the amazon tribe with no leadership. So they decide to hold a tournament with the strongest warriors in the world to take her place! Who will become the winner?! Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content.

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Jun 23, 31 If it's made by the same person as Fallen Angel it's definitely worth a look. Apr 28, Screw the controls I can't figure them out.

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I'm pressing every key on my keyboard and nothing. I'll have to pass on this damn shame too.

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Monosomething Active Member. May 24, Pallas2 Member.

Sep 12, Just fyi, you can change the controls near the help option in the top left corner. Reactions: Hemdom. Aug 4, 21 The Art look so bad that my eyes hurt.

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Last edited: Sep 26, Reactions: Dice13KGats87godlike and 3 others. May 28, As someone who has played almost all of toffi-sama's works,including the original Amazon brawl, it's a solid game and defiantly easy to pick up, fun and tons of fucking without having to lose like most of the fighter genre. Xenohell Active Member.

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Jun 24, Jul 19, Oh wow, this wasn't here already? Toffi games have been around for a decade, I just assumed it had its own thread already.

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Gooblygoop Member. Jun 2, What are even the controls?

Toffi's home | poses, games, suffering, fun!

Reactions: HunterSeeker. Reapergod36 Active Member. Jun 23, Gooblygoop said:.

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Reapergod36 said:. Fightmaker allows you to change the controls.

Toffi-sama porn comics & sex games.

It's the engine that the game runs in and you'll see an option in the window. Not the game itself. Reactions: 9inchz. ViktorReznov Active Member.

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Jun 16, Oct 2, 24 3. NotAnAlien Member. Jul 5, ViktorReznov said:.


Monosomething said:. Last edited: Sep 23, Reactions: ViktorReznov. Jul 30, 37 Taulmav Newbie. Jun 20, 31 R New Member. May 28, 4 5. Taulmav said:. Reactions: menny. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here.

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